Deftones tour 2017 – Raleigh, NC

Fair warning: I am a huge Deftones fan. With that being said, I’ve seen them more than a handful of times and can honestly say, they outdo their previous performance every time. Every. Single.  Time.

The lineup for this tour was incredible. If you haven’t had a chance to check out my photo coverage of Thrice and Rise Against, please do so.

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Rise Against in Raleigh, North Carolina

Rise Against

I was fortunate enough to see this tour during their first week. Traveling to Raleigh was well worth being involved with this show. Though it was incredibly humid, Rise Against took the stage in front of screaming fans (some of which were no match for my earpieces) proving that once again, their fans are nothing if not loyal. Their performance was a great match for Deftones and Thrice, a lineup that is worth far more than the ticket price.  Photographed for Idobi Radio, more images from the show are available on their site. Read more

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